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In early 2002 I went to the emergency room with pains in my lower left side of my back. They sent me home with pain killers not knowing what was causing the pain. Fast forward to 2003 I'd been having uncofterable minor pains on the left side of my stomach right around the large part of the colon and the kidney. I live with my parents and I'm 22. I'm currently on disability for a disorder called social anxiety. I rely heavily on my parents to help me get doctor appointments and etc. I would tell my Mom about these pains I was having in my side and she thought it was from drinking too much caffeine so I went through periods where all I would drink was water and then I felt better so I switched back to pop since I prefer it over water.

I knew something was abnormal when I couldnt lay on the left side of my stomach (like I usually do when watching TV) without feeling like I was laying on something, something that was causing minor pains. After all these years of having the pains and no other symptoms in June of this year 2005 I had another case of lower left side back pain exactly how it was in 2002 when they gave me pain killers. This time we thought it might be kidney or bladder related and I took a sample of urine to my doctor for it to be tested. He called back and said it came up clean without any problems. I held off going to the doctor for a couple of weeks.

During those weeks I had severe constipation and my rectal area was sore to the point I had blood on the toilet paper from straining trying to get the stool out. This was the first time I ever really paid attention to what my bowel movements looked like because up until this point I never had any problems in that area. What I was able to get out was very small and thin in size and the toilet paper was sometimes bright red. I started looking on the internet and typed in my symptoms. I was feeling very bloated and gassy alot in addition. I looked these up doing a google search and I found my symptoms were all in the valid categories as colon cancer. I freaked out and scheduled an appointment with my family doctor and he said I should give it a few weeks and see him again for another checkup.

He told me to excersize, drink plenty of water and try metamucal along with some fiber related cerials. I got a pack of the powdered metamucal and mixed it with my drink twice a day. I should also mention that before my problems started occuring I slept in the day from 8am to 3 or 4pm instead of sleeping at night. I'd been doing this for several years after I graduated high school and the problem was serious enough to make me change my schedule to the opposite and I'm currently up in the day and asleep at night for the first time in 4 years. After I started taking the metamucal I had bad cramping and diareiah constant and I also noticed sometimes it was mucus like but it went away after the first week of taking the metamucal making me think that could of been the cause.

I would wake up in the morning with a stomach ache and feeling very gassy. I went back to my doctor and he told me that metamucal has that effect on people. I told him my fear of my problem being colon cancer and he proceeded to tell me he would be famous if I had it because it's very rare that a 22 year old would have it. He told me he knew it wouldnt stop me from worrying so he scheduled a colonoscopy with a specialist for July 19th. It's now July 6th as I write this and nothing has improved really. In fact I'm noticing my stool is thining and is almost to the point of being paper thin. Today it was long and curvy thin. I called the specialist and his secretary informed me he's on vacation until the 19th and that's the reason I cant get in until then.

So now I have to wait for the appointment worrying if it's colon cancer I have. And if that's what it is it could be advancing to the point of making my stool thin. I should also mention I have ocd and I worry and obsess over things like this enough as it is. I've talked to my parents about my problems to the point that they dont want to hear anything about me possibly having colon cancer anymore. In fact it's as if they dont care about my well being as cruel as that sounds.

If I had colon cancer wouldnt I be in severe pain and dying? I'm not loosing weight because I eat at all the right times of the day breakfast, lunch, dinner and something quick before bed and drink alot. My Dad worked with someone who had colon cancer and his was detected in the advanced stages and he had surgery + chemo and now it's in remission and he's already back to work. I'm too young to die and I feel I have alot of things I still want to do in my life. I've only been alive 22 years and it seems very unfair that anyone my age could get this. I forced myself to stop looking up message forums where people the same age as me are telling stories of how they got it or know someone who had it because all it does is add fuel to my worries and I get very depressed over it.

My doctor said it could be diverticulits, irritable bowel syndrome, chrones or a number of other things. But isn't doctors jobs to rule out the worst case scenario? I looked up all of these things and I can check all the symptoms off as having them except for thin and narrow stool because it's not shown as a symptom on those lists. The only place I've found it as a symptom is on colon cancer lists. That's whats scaring me the most right now. I've never been a religious person but I find myself praying for the first time since I was a kid and attending Wednesday night religion class. I hope I'm ok and it's something less serious then what I think it is.

Thank you,

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