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[QUOTE=wmkcolors]Kewp, you sort of left out the testicular cancer part.... Since my diagnosis with colorectal cancer, at a young age, every twitch in my body can make me nervous. I've now been worried about uterine cancer, because of the damage caused by the radiation. Ugh! I'm surprised your oncologist brushed off your symptoms so lightly, especially after having had cancer already. I'm wondering if your primary fear is if your previous cancer is metastisizing, a fear many of us share here. Please follow through with the colonoscopy, if only to alleviate the intense anxiety that is building up in you. Yes, you are scared it could be STAGE 4 colon cancer, but, not getting tested is only going to deplete you of more energy. Once the test is over, maintain a regular scedule of screening tests. You are still reeling from the trauma of your testicular cancer and the toll that took on your young life.[/QUOTE]

Well having testicular cancer wasn't nearly as bad as I thought only because my doctor(urologist) was so positive about the outcome. If he hadn't, I probably would have been a basket case like I am now! I can relate to how you felt because after my diagnosis, I went to the ER several times for such minor problems thinking it was cancer related. And like colo-rectal cancer, testicular cancer is extremely curable if caught early. Of course I had the same fears as I do now, thinking I may have waited too long and that I was probably going to die because it probably spread to every single organ in my body. However, I didn't really enjoy the surgical aspect of it nor the chemo, but who does? They had to cut me open from my stomach all the way down and remove cancerous lymph nodes. I was only in the hospital for 4 days though. My doctor said I was one of the very few who went home so soon! As for the chemo, I didn't have any vomiting, but I was so nauseated for 3 -4 days after a whole week of it. I just hate feeling sick! Everytime I have a hangover I'm reminded of that time so think before I have too much to drink now! I do agree that it does seem strange that my oncologist didn't seem very concerned about my symptoms and I'm starting to think maybe he isn't the greatest? He's supposed to have an excellent reputation since he's been an oncologist for over 25 years. Perhaps he just doesn't specialize in colo-rectal cancer? Well I'm just trying to keep in mind all the others who thought they had cancer only to learn they didn't! I just pray that's the case for me too !


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