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[QUOTE=wmkcolors]Kewp, you sort of left out the testicular cancer part.... Since my diagnosis with colorectal cancer, at a young age, every twitch in my body can make me nervous. I've now been worried about uterine cancer, because of the damage caused by the radiation. Ugh! I'm surprised your oncologist brushed off your symptoms so lightly, especially after having had cancer already. I'm wondering if your primary fear is if your previous cancer is metastisizing, a fear many of us share here. Please follow through with the colonoscopy, if only to alleviate the intense anxiety that is building up in you. Yes, you are scared it could be STAGE 4 colon cancer, but, not getting tested is only going to deplete you of more energy. Once the test is over, maintain a regular scedule of screening tests. You are still reeling from the trauma of your testicular cancer and the toll that took on your young life.[/QUOTE]

Well having testicular cancer wasn't nearly as bad as I thought only because my doctor(urologist) was so positive about the outcome. If he hadn't, I probably would have been a basket case like I am now! I can relate to how you felt because after my diagnosis, I went to the ER several times for such minor problems thinking it was cancer related. And like colo-rectal cancer, testicular cancer is extremely curable if caught early. Of course I had the same fears as I do now, thinking I may have waited too long and that I was probably going to die because it probably spread to every single organ in my body. However, I didn't really enjoy the surgical aspect of it nor the chemo, but who does? They had to cut me open from my stomach all the way down and remove cancerous lymph nodes. I was only in the hospital for 4 days though. My doctor said I was one of the very few who went home so soon! As for the chemo, I didn't have any vomiting, but I was so nauseated for 3 -4 days after a whole week of it. I just hate feeling sick! Everytime I have a hangover I'm reminded of that time so think before I have too much to drink now! I do agree that it does seem strange that my oncologist didn't seem very concerned about my symptoms and I'm starting to think maybe he isn't the greatest? He's supposed to have an excellent reputation since he's been an oncologist for over 25 years. Perhaps he just doesn't specialize in colo-rectal cancer? Well I'm just trying to keep in mind all the others who thought they had cancer only to learn they didn't! I just pray that's the case for me too !

I second with WMK. Why not share with us though? Don't agonize alone!!!! Without all your history, the info we KEEP giving you to go to see a GI doc, and you NOT listening makes us bang our heads against the wall!!! Listen man, we have all been thru (or have a loved one) the same [email protected]! Cancer/Chemo/Radiation/Worry/Scars from here to beyond! You got to give us a little credit, and a little more man! Keep it from your family, but let it out here.

Share... how many nodes come back positive? What kind of testicular cancer?

Listen to me>>>>> NO ONE IS EVER PUNISHED BY HAVING CANCER!!! It's nothing you did or didn't do. If you don't go to the GI NOW though, and be forceful with your onc... (again, idiot!) then you are putting off getting the care you need. My GOD, no wonder why you have been worried!

I severely doubt you have spread to your colon usually it's to the retroperitoneal area from testicular. BUT, PLEASE Answer my questions.


Trust me, I've been listening to everyone! I guess I just want someone to tell me I don't have cancer!

Anyway to answer your questions, after I had the orchiectomy, all my CT scans came back clear, but since I was disagnosed with stage II nonseminoma it meant I needed to have the retroperitoneal lymph node dissection. However, only 3 of 12 lymph nodes came back positive. My doctor said he was happy that I agreed to have the surgery when I did because I was extremely reluctant to have it done and wanted to wait. The worst part of the recovery was the GI tube and the annoying stockings I had to wear on my legs to prevent blood clots.(Not to mention having stubborn elderly people as roommates.) I rarely slept at all for 4 days! However, I had absolutely no complications from the surgery! Then a month later I had 2 cycles of chemo, I don't remember what kind, but I'm just glad I only needed 2 instead of 6 like some poor people there!

After having testicular cancer, I developed major health anxiety and started to assume every ache and pain I had was cancer related! I constantly called my doctor about symptoms and I went to the ER several times. Oh, I also had appendicitis 4 years ago, but I was so experienced with having surgery so I wasn't scared at all. I still get anxious about my health and that's why I'm worried about having colo-rectal cancer! But if I have it, I know I can deal with it! I'm stronger than I think I am!


Well I never thought my testicular cancer had spread to my colon. I became concered after I noticed blood in my stools 3 years ago. When I see my oncologist Wednsday, I'm going to ask if I could possibly have a CT scan of my abdomen. If I do have colo-rectal cancer which was in stage III or beyond, wouldn't something show up on the CT scan especially if it had spread to the liver already? Because I'll feel better knowing about the possiblities ahead of time. There's always a chance it's nothing. Several people on this board thought they had cancer due to certain symptoms they were experiencing and went through with the colonoscopy and were told it was something minor like hemmorhoids. Although I really don't want to get my hopes of just in case it is cancer. I'm scared because I'm worried it's too late! Wouldn't I be having other symptoms if it were advanced? You said you had mucoid clots and the bleeding became more frequent. I don't have symptoms like that, except I have been very tired for years(more like sleepy) and I'll notice some blood in my stool especially if it's hard to pass. I literally hate having a bowel movement because I always fear I'll see blood. So I try to do anything I possibly can to avoid constipation like walking, which always helps. Usually if I'm not constipated I won't see any blood. But if it's cancer, I suppose it's still possible to live a few years with stage IV. I guess it's better than a few months.


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