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First I want to say I am sorry to know being just 27, you are diagnosed with colon cancer... My dad was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer last Oct. and he bleeded for a year. One of the symtom that he has was he stopped having shaped stool. meaning he only have losed stool, did you have that as well? and he would go to bathroom a lot...
I am 34 and when I went to see dr after my dad was diagnosed, they said I am too young, but I insisted at least did a stool sample test.. I was clean after that test. But I have to admit, I had probably once or twice bleeding in a year, not sure if that is a sign?

[QUOTE=hoping4best]I am sorry to hear too. I am 25, and my mother was diagnosed last year. We thought she was early stage, but it looks as though she was stage IV all along. She also had bleeding for over a year but was told it was hemorrhoids. Other than that, she was perfectly fine!

I thought the same thing as you tigerfish! I went to my GP and said that maybe I should get a colonoscopy. She said I was too young too! I worry about myself since I have problems with IBS. I think it would just give me the piece of mind more than anything.[/QUOTE]

My doctors have said that you should start getting colonoscopies 10 years before the earliest diagnosed case in your family if it seems to be genetic (Colon cancer usually manifests in your 60s, which is why they start screening in your 50s). Which means if I have kids, they will have to get their first colonoscopy at 17! Eek! If you were showing any bleeding at all, I would highly recommend getting a colonoscopy.

Another update:
The most recent doctor I went to did another sonogram, and saw that it was actually stage III cancer with one lymph node seeming to be affected, which is different (and worse) than what my first doctor saw, but still highly treatable. However, it also means that I am definitely having radiation treatments before (and probably after) my surgery.

Today I went to a fertility doctor, and they were amazing! They got me an appointment with one day's notice, and started the procedure for getting me an IVF so I can freeze the embryos. I'm stopping my birth control pill tonight, and then two days after I get my period I'm starting some crazy hormone regimen (where I have to inject myself... and Iím squeamish about needles). They are being great about fitting me in and expediting the process so I can do this before I start radiation treatments. It's so overwhelming... this year is the first year I even thought of having kids (and even then not for a few years), and then to find out I have cancer and will probably become infertile, and all of the sudden it's this huge important thing to think about. On top of course, of all the other huge important things I now have to think about! But at least this will give me the option have having my own kids (assuming they are able to make enough embryos that are healthy enough to freeze), and if it doesn't work, then I will adopt.
But despite the stress, I'm feeling a lot better that I do have this option, that I'm setting up my radiation/chemo treatments next week and that things are happening. I hate waiting.


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