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Tuesday is my doctor appointment with the specialist. I think it's only the consultation part and then we schedule the colonoscopy from there. I'm still worrying quite a bit. I found out my Grandma had a pre cancerous polyp removed a few years ago. Almost all the information sites say if you have a relative that had this your more at risk. So that's just another thing to add to my list of worries. I'm fearing the colonoscopy also because I'm afraid I could have complications from it during or after the procedure. Plus I'm thinking it's painful or what if the medicine doesnt kick in like it should or I look up at the screen and see a huge cancerous tumor in my colon. I found this information from a site while doing a google search that made me feel a little better. It fits my symptoms also:

"As is the case with colon polyps, colon cancer is uncommon before the age of 40, and increases with one's increasing age. While most polyps and early cancers may not cause any symptoms, large polyps may cause some abdominal pain, altered bowel habit or bleeding."

I've already told my story so I wont go into the details of it in this thread but currently I'm still having slight pains off and on in my left side (large part of the colon) and I'm only able to produce paper to pencil thin stool. It's been this way since the start of June. It could of been even before that time period it's just I didnt notice it until I started having trouble with constipation. I no longer have constipation just thin stools. Sometimes very long & curvy or sometimes the size of 2 pencils even. I've seen blood on the toilet paper but only when my area is sore from whiping. I've also noticed sometimes it's black clumps of diarrhea and what comes out on the toilet paper is bright redish. My parents insist that I'm color blind and there seeing brown but it looks very bright red to me. Well that's it this time. I'll update everyone after I go on Tuesday with what the doc has to say.

Take care and god bless,

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