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[QUOTE]Parents have a funny way of looking at things, especially when their son is POSSIBLY (possibly being the key word) facing cancer. There are other reasons for thin stools. Refresh my memory... any other symptoms... increased frequency, passing more mucous? or clots?[/QUOTE]

No mucous anymore but I have seen a few times what appeared to be clots. I seem to go more than usual and each time it's 2 or 3 very thin stools. I swear the toilet paper is bright red but they insist it's brown. I found out today also that my Dad had these problems but not to the same extent when he was my age and also had a history with stomach "ulcers" and IBS runs in my family on both sides as well. My uncle recently told me in his 20's doctors told him he had a colon and bowel movements that only someone in there late 40's-50's would have. It's the fact that my Grandma told me she had a pre cancerous polyp removed a few years ago by the same specialist I'm going to that's scaring me the most now. I'm pretty sure I have it, it's just will I be able to beat it because if I do it's in the advanced stages where it's pretty much too late. My parents said if that's the case since I'm young the doctor will want to try to tak an aggressive stance against it since I still have the rest of my life ahead of me.

Thanks everyone for the kind words of encouragement. I'm praying every day now in hope it's not cancer.

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