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I say go straight for the guilt on something like this.
Tell him that you worry so much because you love him - that it is giving you stomach problems and you love him so much - if he would just put up with that stupid ol' test again for you you'll never say another word (cross your fingers behind your back on that last part).
Honest, I'm not kidding. Sometimes a man can't say he's afraid and he'll put it off - but give him the opportunity to make YOU feel better and...
#1-If my mother (early 50's) had a colonoscopy, they would have seen the cancer thru her bowel and she would have had more than 0-3 months to live. She died.
#2. Same with her mother 5 years before that. She died.
#3. Same with her brother who was much younger than she and only lived 1 month. He died.
#4. Because of the ^ above I had pre-cancerous polyps at age 37 and was to have a colonoscopy every year till I got a clear bill of health. I just let it pass for the past 3 years and again am having problems. I'm still alive and want to see my retirement and grandchildren someday. Colonoscopy appt. set for Sept. 2. I'm almost 49 now. If I never had that colonoscopy at 37 because of my mom and uncle and grandma, I don't know if I'd be here now.
#5. If you are afraid to get it done....the prep is the worst, (like a bad case of monster diahreaha), and it's done quick and you can take the day off and sleep away the afternoon.
Just do it! The prep is nothing compared to what you'll be feeling if this turns into full-blown colon cancer. Just do it!! :bouncing:

Like bill-collector's...don't put em off too long or they'll take your paycheck.

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