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Colon cancer
Aug 5, 2005
I've been reading all the posts on colon cancer and I'm confused.
My husband was dx'd with Bile Duct Cancer and Then they found Colon Cancer! They operated on the CC and he had Photo Dynamic therepy for the BDC. They said he didn't need any chemo for the CC. It seems that everyone else is getting chemo for their CC. His CC Dr. Is the head of research at John Wayne Cancer Hospital in Los Angeles. I'm wondering if they aren't giving him chemo due to the fact that the BDC is terminal.
They are talking about radiation for the BDC but I'm now wondering if the adverse reactions are worth the little extra time it Might give him. John (my husband) looks to me for a large part in making the decisions about his treatment and I would really appriciate any info you all could give me on the side affects.
The BDC DR. has given him only about 18 months with the treatment he has already recieved and no time frame with radiation. I don't know what to say to John. Please help if you can.
Re: Colon cancer
Aug 11, 2005
I don't know what stage cc. they operated and said they got it all. no chemo needed, no spread to the lymph nodes. I think since his BDC is terminal they figure why make him sick on top of everything else. Just my thought nothing was said .
John is sick again, they are admitting him to do another procedure. The stents in his liver have become clogged and he is turning yellow again and hurting and losing his energy. They only put them in 8 weeks ago and the Dr. is concerned because it is too soon for this to be happening. I'm terrified. please pray for John....I really don't think God is listening to me

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