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Just to add to time frame, Gary, I think they would not start chemo until at least a month passed from the date of your surgery.....everything has to heal nicely first. I can imagine your state of does take awhile to get used to the idea....not something you EVER want to happen.

To encourage you I husband was dx Stage 111C in July 2003. Had complications during surgery so he was in hospital longer than we had expected. Started chemo (5Fu/leukovorin) towards the end of August 2003 and after two cycles, had radiotherapy along with more chemo. His treatment ended in April of 2004 as he had to space out his treatments more towards the end as he had three admissions to hospital, which knocked him back a bit. This was mainly because he had a catheter in because he could not urinate after surgery (his prostate was enlarged before dx so it decided to join in the fun and make things more difficult!). He suffered alot of bladder spasms. After treatment finished, he had a TURP operation to reduce the size of the prostate and this was a success. Thereafter, he began to put back on his weight and feel somewhat back to normal.

Today he is feeling well, works full time again and tries not to think too much about the future and what it holds.

His oncologist normally orders scans but not too often. He also orders CEA tests and chest x-rays.

There is no way to say how you will respond to chemo...some do very well and others are more affected. My husband found it tiring when he was getting it every day for five days and then two weeks off but when it was more spaced out, he was able to work. Immodium is good if you get diarrhoea and cooling the mouth before and during chemo can help keep away mouth sores. The more advanced chemo meds can cause other side effects, which I am sure others here will advise you on.

Do keep posting....I wish you all the best. Just try and rest now and recover before your follow up treatment begins.

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