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Hi there, I'm new here, was looking around on the internet about my symptoms and found this site that seems to have some very helpful people. Lately,my stool / toilet paper has gotten some bright red blood on it, and when it's passing through I can actually feel it cutting some kind of protrusion in the wall. I was sure this was just hemmorhoids, for there was no other kind of symptoms. I also helped cure the cutting by just intaking more water, which would make it just maybe scratch it very minorly at the most, so once again i thought it was hemmorhoids. Very lately however, after eating I've been experiencing a bloating feeling, and also a feeling that... I'm not 'done' in the washroom, so to speak, even though I know that I am. This has been goin on for about 2 weeks or so now, and when I looked up these 2 symptoms I came up with this... Now I don't know what to think. I'm going to try and make an appointment for colonoscopy as soon as possible, althought I'm not sure if they just do it on demand, or if there's a waiting period etc.
However, am I just being paranoind or could this really be something serious ? And if so, with symptoms like these would it be a bit into it's growth, or still fairly new ? Any answers would be appreciated... I might just be worrying for nothing but I can't help it now.



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