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bowel movement? Ever experienced this? I am 48 and at the age of 37 had pre-cancerous polyps removed. (3). My grandma died of this cancer. My mother had no sympmtons and if she would have had a colonoscopy the cancer would have been seen thru the bowel. It started in her gall bladder that spread to her liver and she died. Same thing happened to her brother all within 3 months. My last colonoscopy was over 3 years ago and now bowels have changed and now I had blood in my stool again and then the other night, after just urinating the toilet it was full of blood. It was not from vaginal area, nor urinary tract. It came from the rectal area. This morning I moved my colonoscopy appt. up. I can see having blood with a bowel movement, but I cannot understand how this could happen without one. Any ideas? It's starting to scare me now.
I have the same problem,,,blood in the rectum,,even while peeing~ :(
r suggested a barium enema,,im freaked out..b/c a few yrs ago i had a sigmoidoscopy & it was the MOST painful thing Ever~!
Im still debating on what to do..good luck to you :angel:
Hey Cats, When you talk T2 rectal cancer what were your symptoms? Did fissures happen to be a factor involved? Can you give me more insight on this? What made you decide to get tests?
The bleeding finally stopped for me, but now I have those black, black tarry stools. First they are forming, and then they are loose black goo. My son is stationed in Great Lakes IL and wants me and hubby to visit him Labor Day weekend. I thought of leaving right after my colonoscopy to have hubby drive the 4 hour trip while I sleep. Should I just stay home? I think I can do it once we get there.
Hope you are feeling better. Did you stop the bleeding and chills? I would definitely go to the ER if you get those symptoms again. You want to make sure you don't have some sort of obstruction - or something else - which can be very serious.

I have had rectal bleeding for a long time. I have Crohn's so that is considered "normal" for me. In May the bleeding changed. I had bleeding that wasn't just mixed with stool. I felt bloated and gassy and would pass blood clots and have small bleeding episodes. Since this was a change in my normal bleeding, my GI ordered a flexible sig. He saw the tumor right away and took a biopsy. Less than 24 hours later he called me to his office to say I had cancer. Then I had a full colonoscopy, followed by an ultrasound which gave us the stage of the tumor. Hope that helps you out.

I know it seems like Sept is a lifetime away. Try to keep busy if you can. Good luck to you.

I start radiation and chemo on Wed. I am actually just anxious to get this started and over with!

Take care and good luck.

OH - After the colonoscopy you will be very groggy/out of it. Try to get your doc to talk to your sig. other to explain what he/she saw. You may not remember what the doc tells you after the colonoscopy. I would just leave a cell number w/the doc if they do any biopsies, just for peace of mind. I got my biopsy results within 24 hours.

Good luck to you!

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