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As far as the "young" thing goes.....I'm told by every one I see that I'm too young to have this. It's kind of frustrating.

However, colon cancer does run in my family. My grandmother had it at 51 (lived to she was 77 and died of another primary) and my mom's cousin had it at 42 (he's still alive today at 64). I'm not sure of the stage either of them was at....but my grandmother did have an "orange size" tumor removed. So I'm guessing she was stage iii.

As for my lifestyle, I was very active (ran two marathons and ran quite a bit every week, played tennis every week, golfed every week). I also eat pretty healthy and my body fat was below the average for American males my age. For the most part, because of the family history, I always did the things to lower the risk of colon cancer occuring. I had plans at age 40 to get "anal" about getting tested and insisting on colonoscopys....but this tumor snook up on me first.

So, I tend to think there is something genetic to family and colleagues at work were totally shocked when they found out.....mainly because they all thought that I was one of the healthiest active people they knew. However, I do think there is something to be said about diet as well.....but who knows.

In reality I think health care professionals and insurance companies need to get off the "age 50" and start recognizing that younger people do get this....with better screening at an earlier age I think insurance companies would end up saving money in the long run.

That's my take on it....


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