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[QUOTE=Teedus]Thank you very much for replying. I'm going to go on Monday to my Doctors and ask to have a colonoscopy. Do you know how long waiting period to get one is?

Also, I'd like to ask a question.

Would drinking a lot of milk everyday make the stool appear a lighter shade of brown?

And would not eating much a day (Ever since I was 10 I'd never really eat much. I just never get hungry, I have one meal a day usually and be fine) cause small stool with each bowel movemet since there isn't much food? Like my situation would be I have a bowel movement and would pass a normal stool but then I'd also have smaller thin pieces come out. Is this because I don't eat much and there isn't much to come out?[/QUOTE]

Hey Paul:
As far as waiting period for a colonoscopy... depends on how busy your practice is and where you are located. I've heard weeks, to months, depending on where you are--US,UK, etc. and what state if US.

Drinking a lot of milk can increase cramping in some people... as far as changing stool color, it's absorbed as a liquid and provided to your body... so unlike a food with a dye that might run through you, I've never heard of lighter or darker stools as a result... and it DOESN'T really matter the color, unless they are blood covered or black or glistening stools... then you have a problem. Otherwise, color changes. It's normal.

As far as eating smaller meals, your rectum works to try to evacuate when when full... so if you eat several small meals, eventually when your colon fills, triggering stretch receptors to let you know it's time to have a bowel movement. This has nothing to do with eating small meals... other than the fact that you may not be eating a healthy diet with enough fiber to have a fully formed stool, and you are constipated and it may take longer to "fill up." Flat shaped stools could be a problem, and are a sign of trouble, because if you have an obstruction in your colon (polyp, tumor, or even Iritable Bowel Syndrome--many different things) this MAY indicate a problem because it flattens the stool as it goes through your colon. On the other hand... having a normal shaped stool, followed by smaller pieces at the end is NORMAL.

I hope I read your question right and answered your question... if not, let me know again what you are asking with regard to shape, and I'll explain it in more detail. :)


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