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I agree. Have the colonoscopy. Now. At age 56, I had my first colonoscopy last Friday (11/11). I had avoided having one because I was afraid of the yucky prep and not being allowed to eat for a day. And, I was having no symptoms or problems at all, so why bother? Stoopid me. Lucky me.

Due to an unrelated potentially serious problem discovered by a total fluke this summer with NO symptoms, I learned my lesson. I still am facing more test for that, but that's for another thread.

As I said, I learned my lesson. Sometimes you have no symptoms and you have a problem anyway. You are already have plenty of probs. Colon cancer doesn't have to occur. A colonoscopy can find and remove any polyps or precancerous polyps. It can save your life. During my colonoscopy, the doc discovered and removed one polyp. Yesterday, his assistant called me: "Completely benign." I wish the same for you (just do it!).

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