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Female, 64, here. I've never had a colonoscopy and would prefer to delay doing so as long as I can unless there are symptoms which really should be checked immediately.

I've had diarrhea for over three months. After about a week I went to the doctor, had five different tests done from stool samples, all came back negative except for yeast. I was on medication for that (I think it was Nystatin) for four weeks. Another stool test then came back negative for yeast. But I still have diarrhea.

I've gradually become a near-vegetarian over the past year or so, and am very suspicious that I may have developed food intolerances I didn't have previously, and that that is the source of the diarrhea. I've started a food diary and am suspicious of certain foods (wild rice and beans in particular), but it may take some time to find out for sure that food intolerance is the total problem, as it is possible that other foods also might be a problem. To really know for sure what is giving me problems, I should probably do an elimination diet, starting with only a few things, like the BRAT diet, and adding only one new food every couple of days. But that is likely to take a month or longer to solve this problem.

Sooooooooooo -

Could my symptoms of a stool which ranges from watery to loose to semi-formed be a symptom of bowel cancer or something else really serious that shouldn't wait to have checked out? If I did a BRAT diet for several days, would that eliminate the possibity of cancer if the diarrhea went away on it? I'd like to avoid having a colonoscopy if I can, and I know that's what the doctor will suggest if I go back at this point. But I probably shouldn't wait another month if the symptoms could be something serious, either.
Wild Rice!! Yep that would do it. I live in the area where a lot of wild rice is produced. I love the stuff and I can say from experience that over doing it will demand a price the next day :bouncing:
If one is not used to it I could see that it could cause problems in small amounts as well.

To check if it is a particular food sensitivity you can cut out one type of food(ie dairy products) for a week and see if it makes a difference. Then reinclude it in your diet and try cutting out another for a week. Spices are more of a problem if you eat out a lot but if you eat at home you can try no pepper one week then reinclude pepper and cut out garlic for instance. You can try meats one at a time, chicken one week, pork the next, prepared meats (sausage, pastrami, etc.) the next. Vegetables one at a time as well starting with cabbage family(cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts), then corn, then green peas etc.

Finding out you have a sensitivity does not mean you have to cut it out of your diet altogether. You simply have to be aware that you can only have it in smaller quantities and not too often. I love peanuts of all types but again I know that if I snack on them to often I pay a price. A handful twice a week however is no problem.

Luckily, even living where I do wild rice is a little expensive so we only have it 5 or six times a year :)
I agree. Have the colonoscopy. Now. At age 56, I had my first colonoscopy last Friday (11/11). I had avoided having one because I was afraid of the yucky prep and not being allowed to eat for a day. And, I was having no symptoms or problems at all, so why bother? Stoopid me. Lucky me.

Due to an unrelated potentially serious problem discovered by a total fluke this summer with NO symptoms, I learned my lesson. I still am facing more test for that, but that's for another thread.

As I said, I learned my lesson. Sometimes you have no symptoms and you have a problem anyway. You are already have plenty of probs. Colon cancer doesn't have to occur. A colonoscopy can find and remove any polyps or precancerous polyps. It can save your life. During my colonoscopy, the doc discovered and removed one polyp. Yesterday, his assistant called me: "Completely benign." I wish the same for you (just do it!).
Well, it is prep day today. That was some GROSS stuff they make you swallow. I had read others say how bad it was and I thought maybe I could cover the taste a bit by taking it with cranberry juice. HA! One couldn't even taste that there was cranberry juice in it, that stuff was so strong tasting. I thought for a while I was going to upchuck it, but that feeling is calming down a bit now. Unfortunately, as soon as I think about having to take it a second time, I start feeling nauseated again. At least so far the diarrhea hasn't been nearly as bad as I'd anticipated. In fact, it hasn't been nearly as bad as some of the diarrhea I've lived with for the past four-and-a-half months. But then, this show isn't over yet. :D

A neighbor is going to drive me there and back, even though she has company coming from out of state the next day. That's very nice of her, as with driving time it will probably take about five hours out of her day. The hospital requires that someone be there and STAY there during the procedure, so she can't even go do her grocery shopping while she waits.

I'll sure be glad when all this is over and I don't need to wonder any longer what is causing my problems. I know this sounds gross, but a couple of days ago I thought I saw something move briefly on my soiled toilet paper, so I'm suspicious I have tapeworms. I did have a stool test for parasites back in August, but from what I've read, sometimes a series of tests need to be done over a period of days to catch that in a test. Anyway, though annoying, that would be better than some of the other possible reasons for my problems. I haven't noticed anything more suspicious like that since, so I may have been mistaken.

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