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My father in law has just been diagnosed with colon cancer. A colonoscopy revealed a tumor which is completely blocking the colon. He lives in a very small community and is seeing a general surgeon regarding the matter. The surgeon has scheduled surgery on Friday and will follow up later with a CT scan.

I am a bit concerned about this plan of attack. I am surprised that surgery would be scheduled without first having a CT scan. I am flying out tomorrow to work with them on examining their options. I could really use some advice/suggestions:

1) I am strongly urging them to not go through with the surgery without first meeting with an oncologist or gastroentrologist. They are concerned that this could string things out a few more days. How much difference could a couple of days make, considering the blockage?

2) What do you think about the doc not wanting to do the CT scan first?

3) How do we figure out where to go. They are at least 2 hours from the next major city. Everyone seems to have an option about which cancer center to go to. How do we know which is the best?


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