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Hi Jelz. My goodness, you have had a LOT on your plate at once!!!

I am so sorry that you lost your mom. I can't imagine how stressed out you must be trying to cope with all these things.

How old is your husband?

I have never heard that a stroke or blood clots are a "symptom" of colon cancer!

However, if your husband had a stroke, that would certainly be the doctors' primary consideration, since those can be rapidly fatal. Even if they KNEW he had colon cancer, I would not think they would want to operate on him until he was stable from his stroke.

It is true that they cannot really grade or stage his cancer until surgery. At that time they will know more about its exact size, spread (if any), number of lymph nodes involved, whether vascular invasion is present, and so forth.

However, CERTAIN things should already be known about it from - I presume - a colonoscopy and resultant biopsy? Such as the grade of cancer (i.e., well-differentiated, moderately differentiated, location of the cancer, etc.) Or did they skip a colonoscopy and only visualize it on CT? Ask docs for copies of tests and biopsy reports -- they usually do not volunteer these.

Certain factors do cause doctors to want to go into surgery faster than at other times. They may be concerned about an obstruction in your husband's colon causing his weight loss. They may be concerned his cancer is fast-growing. OR, they might just be on Christmas vacation after that until 2006!!!

Try to read, read, read all you can, have the doctors explain everything to you, and come and post lots of questions. Knowledge is power. I know it's hard to do right now, but try and channel the anger into energy to learn, read, and research everything you can get your hands on! There is so much that can be done! And please take care of YOU!


Oh Jelz, you poor dear. I can feel how horribly worried you are. Please know that there are a LOT of people on here who have been through this battle themselves and are SURVIVORS! "CancerDad" is one of 'em and he is awesome!

Now, I imagine they want to do surgery rather quickly because they are worried the tumor may be obstructing your husband's colon. A tumor that's large can pose a danger of perforating the colon, and ya don't want that!

As far as the "grade" of the tumor, when they did the colonoscopy, they snipped off a piece of the tumor and biopsied it under a high power microscope to look at the cells. That lets them know if it is 'well differentiated,' 'moderately differentiated,' or 'poorly differentiated.' Those terms describe how similar the cancer cells are to their neighboring cells -- i.e., poorly differentiated means WAY weirder than their neighbors! So that's a factor you can ask the doctor about.

Please try and think positively -- there is so much that can be done both surgically and with adjuvant chemo these days that wasn't possible in recent years. There's every reason to be hopeful! Post here often and share with us -- we will be thinking of you and sending warm thoughts...


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