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Something doesn't sound right to me... the lumps in your rectum--do they get bigger and smaller, are they painful? My guess is they are most likely stool, if they keep moving to different areas, or cysts in your vaginal wall as I explain below. If they are stationary, then I would consider that they may be polyps and this requires further investigation by a gastroenterologist.

The lump behind your ear and in your cheek are possibly submandibular nodes, but a little confusing. Typically unless inflamed, in most people, you only feel axillary nodes in this area. Do any of them hurt or feel enlarged? If they are constantly enlarged, this indicates that your immune system is fighting something which, if constantly enlarted is a problem. A human has lymph nodes all over his/her body. They tend to cluster though in seven major groups...cervical, axillary, inguinal, pelvic, abdominal, thoracic, and supratrochlear.... main ones we feel though are: cervical, front of neck beneath jaw, which you can palpate; we also have mediastinal (thoracic) nodes, along the sternum, which are rarely felt unless you are bone thin, but even then?; axillary which are under your armpits and down your sides slightly and out towards the breast or chest a little; inguinal/pelvic which are in your pubic regions to the side close to your thighs (in the "fatty tissue"); and lastly mixed in the mesentary or fatty blood supply spread around our colon or in the fat pad beneath our rectum are abdominal nodes. So, you really shouldn't feel any nodes in the vaginal/rectal wall. Sorry for the long drawn out answer-- I hope it makes sense and that I got it all for you.

My guess is the lump on your cheek is something bone related that you have had all your life and is probably not a big deal... again, unless someone is telling you it's a lymph node... you can tell, lymph nodes are like grapes, and when inflamed or swollen, they are pretty painful when you touch them. I suspect that the bumps are closer to the vaginal wall and are probably cysts... they can be painful and do move around, but you need to verify this with your GYN and then consider calling a Gastroenterologist to schedule a colonoscopy.

You don't mention your age... if you are 40 or over with NO other symptoms, no bleeding, no narrowing stool, no increased frequency of bowel movements, or a feeling like you always have to have a bm, and no family history, then you can probably push it closer to 50. TALK to your GYN about it.

Best of luck, and please keep us posted.


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