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[QUOTE=LESLIETOO;2976078] I later called up and asked why they didn't use the good stuff like for the colonoscopy and was told a different type of sedation, that allows you to follow directions and cooperate with instructions - be somewhat aware during the endoscopy procedure was used.
I don't understand what your mean, if they used this kind of sedation and let you are somewhat aware during the endoscopy procedure was used and cooperated with them? I think if you were asked to DO something during the
procedure, it is very uncomfortable.
I did once endoscopy and they used porpofol IV and Lidocaine and put me to sleep completely. I waked up from immediately after the procedure and no any problem. I did once colonoscopy but I don't know what kind of sedation I was used, but it is also fine. this time I will do EGD and colonoscopy both
at same time on June 6. I hope everything OK.


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