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thank you so much. i havent yet called my dr...been so wrapped up in my sister, that i just havent had the time. but in reading your posts and other research...i really feel more like a colonoscopy is the way i want to be tested.

i dont know how things are with my sister...they are still waiting on the pathology report to come in, to know what stage it was in and what steps are to be taken. i know that you guys are going to say "if they havent seen the report, how do they know it was cancer"....the nurse explained today....doctors have seen cancer so many times, they know what it looks like, so he knew it was cancer when he saw it....but he cant tell what stage it is in until the pathology report comes in.

this is very scary for all of us..even more so at this point, because we are still coping with the loss of our father not even a year will be a year March 17th. we are just not ready for this challenge....but ready or is here. it certainly is bringing up all the sorrow of our dads loss, making it harder to accept that my sister is going through all of this.

i will continue to post as i learn more. as i am sure i will have more questions and need more support. thanks to all of you. i will also let you know when my exam is to be scheduled and the outcome of it.

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