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[FONT=Arial]Hello All,

I need some support on how not to stress. Now I am off my soapbox and I will tell you why I am here. My mother died 8 years ago, this year of colon CA, it started in her colon, I was 14 when she was diagnosed at the age of 46, she fought it for 6 years, she died when she was 51, would have been 52 if she would have made it a few more months. Her brother had CA
too, it started in his stomach and spread to the colon, etc., he died
two weeks after my mom did, he was 46, her sister died of Ovarian Cancer at
35, her father died of Colon Cancer at 40 and her two
older sisters ( I call them the witches of eastwick-they were mean
to my mother) have since been diagnosed with lung and colon CA too,
but thankfully they've survived.

Now me: I am a 28 year old female, 160lbs. 5'3, I was healthly or so I
thought....I have been having some trouble with short of breath
(SOB) and stuff of that nature since about mid-December. I thought I
was just out of shape until I was out of breath all
the time, just walking to the car was too much, then I had chest
pains, I've had some constipation and seen some blood in my stool, but
I've been straining and didn't think anything of it. I had my
first colonscopy at 18, then another at 21, then another at 25-that was
my last. I was told I've had a spastic colon, that type of thing.
I watch what I eat, don't have any symptoms of GERD or anything. So
I went to see my primary care doc, she did some blood work, turns
out my hemoglobin was 6.5 (should be between 11.7-15.5) and my hematocrit
was 22.0 (should be 35-45). I had severe anemia, I'd lost almost 1/2
my blood volume in about a month and a half, which is why I had the
SOB and the chest pain, my doc told me when it gets to 20 you can go
into organ failure and have a heart attack. My
platelet count is 610 (should be between 140-400) and all I know about that
is that I have an increased tendency to form blood clots. So that
afternoon I get shipped off to OPIS, where my mom received her chemo
years before, for two emergency blood transfusions on 2/3. Since then, I've
done a hemocult, where you smear the stool on the card, out
of 3, one of mine came up positive, but there was no visible blood
in any of those stool samples I gave them. I saw the GI doc on
2/7, he took some more blood-I still don't know the results, and
schedules me for a colonscopy and endoscopy for 2/21, that's the
soonest they can get me in!!!!!! I am freaking out here. This is such a
mind ***** it isn't funny. My primary doc told me I am either losing
blood in my GI track or through menstration, I don't have a cycle
that heavy enough for that, my iron counts are low, but even a
bland diet wouldn't do that said the GI doc, so I am like what
now? I don't want to wait until 2/21 to find out what's what, they
started me on Flagyll, for bacteria infections because they thought i might have diverticulistis, however, I decided to go to the ER this morning, my H & H are still below normal, but not nearly what they were, I had an abd/pelvic ct with a rectal enema for contrast, no diverticulistis was found. I have chronic cramping on the left side of my belly, but all over is tender and swollen. I was severly dehydrated, even though I have been drinking like crazy, and I have a kidney stone, just 1 but that's not what is causing me the pain in my belly, but possibly the flank pain bilaterially. I was diagnosed with Tachycardia-rapid heart beat, dehydration and a GI bleed. They sent me home and told me to follow up with my GI doc because I need the scope done.

Everyone is telling me not to think the worst, but I can't help but
not too, I've lost a lot of blood, and am continuing to do so, I am
passing blood in my stool even though I can't see it, and I am not
getting any responses back in a timely manner from my doctors.

What would you do if you were in my shoes? How do you not think the
worst? Did your diagnosis take this long? I mean I DO realize I am
not their only patient, but c'mon. Everyone I know that has had
cancer around me has died, I was introduced to it at a young age, and it's been a terrible experience for me. So I associate the big C with the big D. My
father has lung cancer again right now, he's 70, his prognosis isn't
good either. I hate this disease, it's time they've found a damn cure! How do you not let it take over your life, or the worry of it
take over?[/FONT]

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