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Hey Kyle,

Welcome to the board. I just started posting here too. I am not trying to stress you out even more. Someone that posted to me before, told me that stressing about anything isn't going to change the outcome, which is true, and stress relieves toxins to your body, so it isn't helping your immune system either. This is coming from someone that is extremely paranoid and stresses about EVERYTHING. But I am trying to get better.

I noticed blood in my stool off and on in December, I wondered if it was something I ate, is that a tomatoe or strawberry? Plus, I've had colonscopies before, I had my first one at 18, my mother passed away from colon cancer 8 years ago. I was recently diagnosed, with colon cancer, I am 29, just turned last Friday, the 17th.

Anywho, when you say you're not constipated but feel like it, maybe this will help, is it like you feel that you're still full even after you have a bm? I felt like that, occassionally my stools were long and thin, and I have chronic diahhrea and constipation off an on, sometimes I felt compacted and it was uncomfortable to sit down.

I know the waiting sucks, trust me, I've been there, they found out that I was anemic at the beginning of Feb and I had to wait 3 weeks to get a colonscopy for some real answers.

All I can tell you is make sure you tell your doctor all your symptoms, don't stress, WAY easier said than done, keep an eye on your bowel habits, make them do some blood work, CBC, come chemistry panels too to see how your kidneys and liver are functioning. I had some back pain, mid to lower, but I found out I have a kidney stone too. Don't hesitate to get a second opinion, get very familiar with your health insurance and how it operates. As CancerDad told me, knowledge is definitely your friend.

Again, don't hesitate to go to another doctor if you're not happy with the one you have, people get second opinions on car insurance, etc., but randomly do when it comes to doctors.

Increase your fiber intake and decrease your fat, eat lots of leafy green veggies and legumes to help with antioxidants that fight against free radicals and boast your immune system, but increase your fiber, it's good for a healthly digestive system, even if this is a spastic colon, which I was diagnosed with when I was your age.

Do keep us posted, and I am praying everything goes well in your favor, remember, stressing over it isn't going to change anything, I hope you find solace knowing that others have been in the same situation you are in, and come out with positive results on their colonscopy.

Good luck dear,

Christy in MD :wave:

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