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hey tom

i'm new to this board as well. i posted my first thread just the other day asking for advice on the same symptoms. i am a youngin too, 20 years of age. i have my colonoscopy scheduled for wednesday morning. i would just like to give you some advice on easing your mind, because i was extremely stressed out as i am more relaxed and have a better mind set going into this examination. first off, you said you were getting checked out monday....there is nothing you can do until then, no matter what is going on inside your body, you cannot control it...the mind can do a lot of things to your body, and stressing yourself out over something you can't control can bring new symptoms into the picture, because your mind is telling you that you for sure have cancer, and you should be feeling these certains things. there are many different diseases and bacterial infections. as soon as i told my mother about my symptoms i told ehr that i was going to check it out on the web....she advised me not to, but i did anyways, finding that most of my symtoms were related to colon cancer. now when you think about, don't your symptom's kind of sounds like some of colitis..., or another form of ibd. i have been having lower back pains as well...ucelrative colitis' symptoms include that too. i am just saying that no matter how much we do research on the web, nothing will be able to tell us what we have going on inside of us, until we get checked out properly by a professional. good luck with your appt. keep us updated and best wish's buddy


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