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hi everyone

this has been a tough past two weeks for me, mainly because of the uncertainty. i've been worrying myself to death and i have to wait another week to see a specialist. i went to two doctors recently, and both just told me it was probably hemerrhoids (without examination). i had to take the initiative and call a specialist on my own. i'm 24 years old and have had the following symptoms:

about two weeks ago, i began having blood on my toilet paper (none on stool) along with a sharp pain on the rectum when the stool first came out. i just thought it was because of a tear or hemorrhoids. the bleeding lasted about 4-5 days. but then i began to have other symptoms which began to worry me. first and foremost, were the thinness of my stool. for a few days, it was really thin. about half an inch round. the stool was loose so a few minutes in the toilet, the stool began to loose shape. i began to up my fiber intake and then my stool began to bulk up a little, but they were still a bit thin. about an inch tall and about three quarters of an inch thick (sorry for the specifics). i also began to have a dull ache on the left buttocks. not right at the anus, but more diffused. not really painful or bothersome, but it was noticeable. thats pretty much gone now. but another thing thats been bothering me is lower back ache. its sometimes in the middle and sometimes more on the left side. its only occasional when i sit in a particular way or when i'm standing for long periods of time. its getting a little bit better the past few days.

i go to the bathroom regularly, every morning. no abdominal pain and no consitpation nor diarrhea. i noticed flatter stool once before last year. but the stool went back to regular shape after a few weeks. i'm not sure how long it took or what i did to make it go away (i might have taken laxatives). i've had two fecal occult blood exams done over the past eight months (for other reasons not at all related to cancer) and both came back negative. my last blood results had normal blood counts.

i've basically read everything i could online and i know the blood and thin stool can be a sign of cancer. i know that its unlikely for someone my age to have colon cancer but from reading posts here and on other sites, it definitely does occur. i have no history of cancer in my family.

so now that i've written this book, i just had a few questions. did these symptoms apply to you when you were diagnosed? did anyone else have low back pain that was directly related to the colon cancer (i read on one site that low back pain could be the cancer metastisizing to the bone)? if so, was it constant or positional and how painful? if my thin stools happened before and then returned to normal, could this mean it might be a different disorder like IBS? if it turned out to be cancer, would these symtoms be suggestive of advanced (stage III - stage IV) cancer?

i'm terrified right now. i had kidney failure when i was 21 and just had a transplant 6 months ago. because of immunosuppresants, i'm not sure how chemo or radiation would work for me. i would probably have to lose the kidney. i don't know if i could take having kidney failure and cancer at the same time. i just want some answers but i guess i have to wait until next monday. thanks for any advice, answers, etc. i really appreciate it and i'm glad i found this board.


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