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If you're painful constipation continues, with no results from an enema or the drink, I would be more inclined to think you have a blockage, which could be caused by a polyp, if it's grown significantly, what about diverticulitis though? Is your abd pain on the left side? Left sided pain usually signals diverticulitis, this same thing just happened to a friend of mine, have you had chills or fever? He had a severe case and needed to have immediate surgery.

Good to hear you switched GI docs. I KNOW this is easier said than done, but TRY not to stress, stress can only complicate matters worse, eat high fiber, low fat foods. It's a good thing you're having a colonscopy and endoscopy on Monday, you will probably be doing a two day prep, one day you do three ducolax tabs, or something of the like, the next day you do the sodium phospsoda deal, two drinks, diluted in water or something along those lines. I would call the doc's office tomorrow if you don't have any relieve and you've still been putting in food with no bm. You can't go through the weekend without relief and try to prep for the test on Monday with no evacuation (sp). If you can't get anything out of the doc tomorrow, by all means, I would to to your local ER and insist they do a KUB, that's kidneys, ueters and bladder, which shows the abd, or more importantly an Abd Series, which is three plan xray film, let them know of your blood too, they may even do a CT, with rectal contrast, that really cleaned me out.

To answer your question, yes a tumor or cancerous polyp could form. I am 29, I've been recently diagnosed, 4 days after my 29th bday. Three years ago, would be this November, is when I'd had my last colonscopy, it was clear, I started to have severe anemia at the beg of Feb and had to have two blood transfusions, they told me that it was probably from a GI bleed, they did the colonscopy and endoscopy 2 weeks later and found a 3 cm cancerous polyp in the cecum (ascending colon). My GI doc said it was agressive and probably had been growing in the last three months, this new surgeon that specializes in colon and rectal surgery said it was probably more like 6 months to a year. It takes time for the cells to develop to a polyp then to turn cancerous. I don't mean to cause you more stress, but currently I think you should deal with the issue at hand, of not being able to pass a bm of any kind.

Remember you are in control, don't take no for answer, you're the patient and know your body better than anyone, just because they have an MD behind their name doesn't make them God. I wish you the best of luck, please do let us know how your test results turn out, and please be persistant about seeking some outside relief if you can't pass a bm by Friday before you run into the weekend and won't be able to prep for Monday.

Good luck,
Christy in MD :)

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