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Yes, genetic testing is expensive. Luckily my insurance is paying for it. So far the tab is up to $2,000 and the meter is still running. As far as telling your health insurance if you have HNPCC, if you have paid for the testing yourself the results are kept private and not revealed even to your other physicians without your signed permission. No one but you and the genetic counselor need know the results of testing.

It's possible that the polyp was already there during your last colonoscopy prior to the most recent colonoscopy discovering it and was considerably smaller and missed then. Since sessile polyps are by definition flat, they are much harder to detect than the ones on stalks. Also, it could have been hidden in a fold or covered if the cleansing was less than ideal.

I agree that if your mother's cancer came back every other year, it might make sense to have a total colectomy or you could wait until the first recurrence, which may or may not happen to you, and then get everything out.


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