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:eek: Hello All,

Just to refresh your memory and sorry if this is a broken record, I am 29, newly diagnosed a week after I turned 29. Started having symptoms of anemia the beg of Feb, had to have 2 blood transfusions and now am on constant iron, I have to go get iron, fluids and procrit shots every week now because of the constant blood loss and iron def., I was diagnosed with an adneocarcioma in the cecum, 3 cm, well to moderately differentiated. My CEA was .2 on 2/21 when they actually found out it was cancer through colonscopy, but didn't tell me until 2/23, the path wasn't back until 2/24, but they told me a day earlier, which I still don't know why they couldn't tell me on 2/21, I was awake and aware for them to ask me which surgeon I wanted to go to, that is with the local doctors down here.

I took it upon myself to find a board certified by the ACS in Colon Rectal surgery in the DC area, I live in Southern Maryland. I found a doc at WHC, he is voted among the top 100 docs in the DC area, and he and his partner were the only two listed in his field, he's been in practice since 1973 and is the director of the colon rectal surgery department. I met with him on 2/28 for a surgical consult. We discussed my wanting to get this out as soon as possible, he stated possibly the week of the 13th, he stipulated he wanted me to see a hematologist and medical oncologist prior to having surgery and we both discussed my desire to have a PetScan prior to surgery to get a staging if possible and baseline uptake, the docs down here wouldn't do that, he and I felt it necessary though, that's one thing I liked about him, and the fact that he specializes and spent 2 hours with me during the consult, he also stated that cancer patients should have surgery, if deemed necessary within a month of diagnosis, I was diagnosed on 2/23. So I've done my homework, I have the petscan next monday and the other appt on Tuesday. I called the DC surgeon's office, which I haven't been able to get through since the appt, I called on 3/2, 3/3 and 3/6, then on 3/8, they told me they had already scheduled the PetScan up there at DC, I told them no, if it was fine with the doc, I'd rather have it done locally so I wouldn't have to waste a trip, they agreed, however, they didn't fax the order to the place like they said they would, then she goes on to say that they've had me scheduled for surgery and the scan and sent info to me in the mail, I must not have received it yet, this was on 3/8, I didn't ask her when she sent it but then she told me my surgery date was for 3/27! :eek: :eek: :eek: I was appauled, I told her I was VERY eager to get this out before it spreads through the entire lining of the colon, so far my ABD/Pelvic/Chest CT are clear for mets, but I don't know if any lymph nodes are involved and won't know that until surgery. The docs down here have the urgency and wanted me to have surgery the week of 2/27, however, they don't have the expertise, and that I believe is what cost my mom her life in battling colon cancer, so that is why I chose to go to DC.

The DC doc thinks I have FAP, because my fam hx, my mom diagnosed at 46 and died at 51, her brother diag. at 46 and died at 48, two weeks after she did, her father died of it, and her younger sister had ovarian and uterine ca, at 35 and died, her older two sisters have had lung and colon, so far the only one without it is the oldest sibling. Therefore, as you can see I HAVE AN urgency to get this out. My cancer is in the same spot my uncles was, and he had symptoms like I do, and died within 2 years. My surgery is going to be a whole collectomy of the large intestine, they will ressect the ileum from the small intestine and connect it to my rectum, he stated I have a 5-10% chance of it coming back in the rectum, if it does I have two other surgical options, full rectum removal and an illeostomy or a partial and a j-pouch internal.

I feel I am at my wits end, I don't know what to do, I really didn't think I would be two months into this before a surgery date and am freaking out, I really thought I would be having surgery two weeks earlier, I really don't know what to think or do. I just hope I get some answers on Monday once I have the PetScan. They think since the low CEA that I don't have it in my bloodstream yet, so I am hoping that it is still low, I think when I go to get my iron on Wednesday, 3/15 I will ask them to run another CEA.

[B]What would you do if you were me?[/B] [B]Would you sit tight and wait for the 3/27, or would you search for another surgeon? [/B] I can't help thinking :rolleyes: that while I am waiting another three weeks for surgery, it could be spreading to my lymph nodes. BTW, I called back a second time and asked to speak with the surgeon, and the nurse said she'd have him call me back, and he told her he didn't feel the need to move my surgery up at the moment, she stated if I wanted to call him back I could to talk with him, I haven't done that, but thought about putting my concerns in writing and faxing them, and possibly getting my docs down here to put the push on him.

Sorry for the novel and the rant :rolleyes:

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