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Please help!!!!
Mar 21, 2006
**Firstly have posted this on bowel dissorders too, i dont mean to annoy anyone i am just so desperate for any info** Thankyou

Hi all i was really hoping someone could offer advice or info on my following problem.

The Problem
Ive been bleeding rectally for about a year, usually when i go to the toilet but sometimes i can bleed without actually going. The amount of blood is usually around a teaspoon but has been ALOT more on occasions where it has turned the water in the toilet bowl completely red and filled many tissues.

I have bad stomach pains, sharp cutting like pains which are prodominatly located left hand side just under ribs and left hand side pubic region. but they can spread across my stomach. which i can describe as a sharp knife been dragged around my insides.

My bowel motions are never consistant, for example one day will be liquid like, the next will be like dark rocks..(sorry for the nasty descripton )

Whats been done
Ive been to the doctor on many occasions ans have had no answers and the pain and the bleeding keep getting worse.

Ive had rectal exams and piles and hemmeroids and fissures have been ruled out.
Ive had a colonoscopy and they said everything seemed ok,
Ive had creams to no avail.
I eat healthy and have alot of fibre, i drink lots of water, i have those probiotic drinks etc...

Whats next?? i really need answers, this is affecting me badly and is really getting me down, ive been off work for last 4 weeks, im just at my wits end, please has anyone got any info or had similar problem?????


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