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although I've had 6 colonoscopies, I'm always nervous about having a scope, because I've had polyps to show up on all of my scopes. My family has a history of colon cancer, and I am just happy that I took the first step, even though I am a polyp grower (that's what I call it). As I was talking to my manager, and another co-worker (my age, mid 30's), I found out that my manager's husband had a colonoscopy, and my co-worker has a colonoscopy every year because she too has a family history of colon cancer. I really posted today for some support, and inspiration. For some who have read my other post, you know that I lost my father and sister to colon cancer. By the way, I'm taking the Visicol & Dulcolax tablets, has anyone used this combination as a prep?

Please keep me in your prayers,

I used the Visicol prep last year... it's the only prep I'll use in the future after two horrible experiences with GoLytely. The evening before my colonoscopy, I swallowed 3 pills every 15 minutes (for a total of 20 pills) with 4 oz apple juice and followed up with 4 oz of water. After the last of the pills I drank a 12 oz bottle of ginger ale (it helps dissolve the pills). I repeated this procedure the next morning for a total of 40 pills (actually I cheated and only used 37 pills, but I was totally cleaned out). I wasn't prescribed the Dulcolax, but I do understand some of the Visicol preps are only 28 pills... I think that's when you need the extra boost with Dulcolax.

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