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Hi all, hope things are going well for everyone.

My friend has had terrible upper left side pain and has noticed dark red blood in her stool. There is times she is so sick she can't even get out of bed and sleeps for days at a time. She has also been bloating in the stomach as if she were 9 months pregnant. I know she can't have a bowel movement on her own. She has been to er's and family doctors and no one will do anything for her, she needs help bad. I am used to seeing her walk everday and very active but in the past few months she is so weak. I try to be there for her but that is all I can do. I have seen her lab work and her white blood count is elevated and red blood count is way below normal. I'd say that is why she is so weak. My concern is could she have cancer?

I know it's possible that it could be a hemroid but she says she has had them in the past and it's not the same. She is my best friend in the whole world and i want the best for her and to get better. She is 32 I am not sure if she would be too young to have colon cancer or not. I was told that only men get it and women do after the age of 50

someone please give me some information.

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