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Too young? helppp
Apr 24, 2006
hi, I'm only 18 years old and I know that's very young to get colon cancer, but i'm concerned. I went to the hospital last week because I thought I was going to have diarrhea when instead, almost chunks of blood came out instead and no stool. There was some mucus later that came out too. It's all seemed to die down and I haven't bled since then. I'm not getting a colonoscopy until I come home from school in a month, but I'm worried. They think it mustbe a hemeroid or something because I'm too young but they didn't see any external ones. Also I have a history of constipation since i was very young, and this particular time when I bled I didn't go for almost 2 weeks. I finally went though after the bleeding.

hellppp haha
I totally agree with cancer dad, finals and school can wait, they can write you a medical slip for that and the school should understand, if not, I would seek a lawyer even, I know that's going off on the deep end, but still. I was in classes when I was diagnosed, I dropped them and requested a refund after the add/drop period and they accepted because of the nature of my problem.

Get to a GI ASAP. Don't wait a month, what if you have another episode? Bleeding rectally is NOT normal. I would also have them check you for anemia, especially if you lost that much blood, you could be losing it microscopically too. Are you tired often, have shortness of breath? A CBC-complete blood count-will tell you. I had my first colonscopy at your age for rectal bleeding, it was fine, they told me I had a spastic colon, however, at 29 I've been diagnosed with colon cancer, I don't mean to scare you, but cancer isn't prejudiced, it doesn't care what age you are, get to a GI doc and have a colonscopy ASAP, it could very well be nothing or it could be something, you gotta get it to know for sure, good luck! :angel:
I agree with the others. Push for the appointment asap. Not to scare you, but so many doctors still have the mindset that you have to be 50 to get colon cancer. The colon club is full of people diagnosed in their late teens and 20's. Don't put it off. Chances are it is nothing serious, but you really need to know. Keep us informed.
I have to agree with everyone that has given you advice, and say don't wait, go as soon as you can, I too am one of the young ones who had colon cancer. I had 1 episode of bleeding and it scared me to death, I thought i was perfectly healthy. I went to the ER and the doc there said it was hemmhroids, and not to worry, HE WAS WRONG. I self referred to a GI doc immediately and he too blew me off, but proceded with the colonoscopy. I was diagnosed with Stage II colon cancer at 30 years of age, (after one episode of bleeding), my oncologist tells me that judging by the size and nature of the tumor I had removed, that this cancer probably started in my Early 20's

Most people see colon cancer as a disease that you get when you are older, but being through this process really makes you see and understand the other side, that soooooo many young people deal with this and that the doctors are still uneducated as to how prevalent it is in young people. Please take care of yourself

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