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I've been having some digestive problems lately over the past 11 weeks, of which I discussed about on this site. I've been on Ranitidine for 5 weeks and Citalopram (Anxiety) for 2 weeks. For those who don't want to read it, here's a quick rundown of my symptoms from the original problem, and my current symptoms. I guess this is not that significant to this post, but here goes. Firstly, here are the symptoms that have *gone* for the most part (somewhere in the 2-8 week range):

* For the first week: Heavy feeling in stomach (lower right) when moving to stand or lay down, felt as if something had moved out of place which in turn triggered anxiety and panic sensations in the chest. That feeling later sub-sided a few days later, but stomach discomfort remained for about two weeks.

* Sometimes had short sharp pains in the chest, what seem like gas pains. Gas pains also occured randomly during the day, but not more than once or twice every few hours.

* Heavy feeling in the chest that sometimes occurs in mornings is present every evening, usually around or just after dinnertime. The sensation was in the centre of the chest.

* Mild ache in the chest (left & right side). Mostly, itís just a dull ache that was present at random times of the day, usually evenings, could last for many hours. Was suspected as a side effect of medication.

And now for the symptoms that I still CURRENTLY experience of which some are significant to this post. Some of these weren't there when I first got sick, however, so it's hard to tell what is caused by medication.

* Occasional stinging sensation in the right side of the stomach, just below the rib. Occurs at any time during the day, lasts for less than a second. The sting occurs around what I learned to be the colon area.

* Throbbing in the left side of the stomach at the same location as the right side (just below the rib), similar to a throbbing tooth sensation. Only had this for one day though.

* Stomach feels tender in evenings when pressed, particularly around the lower ribs. Lasts for most of the evening, but no pain comes from those locations.

* Body temperature seems to be warmer in the evening.

* Stools are still very fragmented, never feels completely empty. Usually light-brown in colour.

* Experience discomfort in the stomach similar to "voidness" (but no pain at all) when lying on either the left or right sides in bed. Lying on back provides relief. Can't sleep any other way now.

Heh... now getting to my point... The stinging feeling in my right side I would not consider significant, but what's got me concerned is a "bump" at the same place I feel the stings. It's sort of like a road hump, not circular, but more of a hill in the shape of a road-hump descending from just below the rib to about the level of the belly button. I don't *think* it was there before, and I first noticed it a few weeks ago. It's barely visible, and can only really be detected with my fingers. I can't feel it when lying/sitting down, only when I'm standing up in a certain position/angle. I could be stressing over nothing, maybe it's a muscle? It's just I'm not used to feeling it. And I don't feel anything similar on the left side + the strange sensations that come from that area.

Anyone got any clues? Ty!

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