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My husband was dx nearly three years ago with Stage 111C rectal cancer which means he had a lot of lymph node involvement. He was not given Folfox...just 5Fu and leukovorin for 8 months and radiotherapy for 5 weeks. He did have diarrhoea for a few hours after a couple of days of treatment but meds kept it under control. He is presently doing very well.

Everyone responds differently to treatment. Some have hardly any side effects, others more. However, there are so many medications that can help. I know at the moment the future seems so scary but in a few months, your treatment will be over and you will be on the road to recovery. Take each day as it comes and enjoy it as much as you can. I am glad you have joined the board...there are so many knowledgeable people here who will be able to advise and support you.

Take care,

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