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Stage IV here..45 years young when diagnosed last May, told I might not last 2 months if I didn't respond to chemo. I had no options other than chemo. Folfox 5fu w/Oxilaplatin was my first treatment and I had 27 rounds. I never lost weight, but I had the nausea, sensitivity to the cold and the neuropathy. The chemo knocked almost everything and I've been feeling great for 10 months. I switched meds in February because a spot on the liver grew. I freaked out for a bit but I'm back to normal. The new meds kiled more spots. 5 months later I'm still getting some numbness in the fingers and toes, from Oxyliplatin.

One big word of advice I got from docs which turned out to be good was NOT to listen to stats because there are so many advances, particularlly in colorectal cancer that many of the numbers don't work. One doc told me to beware of internet message boards because the most severe cases are the one who post.....which really got me thinking, well I'm pretty frikin severe is I'm looking at 2 months...

I freaked out for a month, cried, screamed and eventually got myself up and said I'm going to live.

Almost every time I listend to docs, pharmacists and nurses advice of what to do or not do, it turned out wrong for me. I have broken every rule, I refused to take any drugs with the exception of pain meds, which I stopped. I exercised through most of the treatments, drank beer, party with the Mrs...if ya knowaddaImean:) I smoke weed, which cures nausea and pain. I hate the effects of it but it works and I have no problem telling the docs, who think I should do it if it works. Its also legal here in Oregon...

I am living in the moment more than ever. Sometimes I find myself completely happy with things like asimple walk with my cute little dog of talking with my kid on the phone. I've been through hell, like everyone else on the board, but I've found beauty I never saw before, I have friends praying for my well being and I've met angels, electronically and in person. I have let go of all hatred and anger as I have found that that contributes to my getting worse. The only hate I can't let go of is the one I have for George Bush and his war mongering profiteers, such a sinful waste of our resources and the killing people is wrong....but I know God is with me on that one :angel:

You'll get through this.
Everybody is entitled to a rant and, let's be honest Cancerdad, you have had the worst possible experience with this disease, so you deserve the biggest rant of all! Most of the time you appear to keep upbeat but you would not be human if you were not affected by the massive change in your life since diagnosis. Being so young does not help as you have young children to care for too. So feel free to rant whenever!

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