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Hello All...I'm 42 years old and was diagnosed with colon cancer a week ago. I had a subsequent CT scan which revealed a prominent lesion and other signs of potential metastasis to my liver, and also potential involvement of surrounding lymph nodes. The primary mass is located in my ascending colon. I know all will be revealed after surgery.

My mother was first diagnosed with a mass in her ascending colon 15 years ago when she was 51. She had a recurrence at 62, and then lung cancer and cancer of the mediastinum (sp?). Currently she is doing great, in spite of being diagnosed stage 4 over two years ago. She is living life to the fullest, traveling the world.

I have a history of cancer on both sides of my family. One grandmother died at 47 of breast cancer and the other at 49 of colon cancer. Unfortunately for my grandmothers they suffered during the 1950's when cancer treatment was in its infancy.

While I am staying positive and taking it as it comes, truthfully I'm still in shock and feeling almost disconnected from the whole thing. It's strange, sometimes it feels like it's happening to someone else, especially when I have to talk about it.

Is this normal? I'm following through with all my appointments, which I'm sure is leading up to surgery so I am working through the process. I'm confident that I'll be okay, but with the recent results of my CT scan and possible problems with my liver, I'm scared.

It seems that colon cancer most affects people over 50, but I'm only 42. Any comments from others with young diagnosis', as well as others would be greatly appreciated.


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