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Hi Christy, am sorry you are having such a rough ride with chemo. Larry usually felt ok untill a few hours after pump was taken off. By the third cycle he had his side effects down like clockwork. he first had the trouble with eating or drinking anything cold . Then major fatigue would set in. By the time he shaved and took a shower, he was ready for a long nap :rolleyes:
By the 5th day diarreha would set in and he would have to take 4 imodium 3 times a day. ( He has an illeostomy so DH is potentially fatal if not controlled)
He suffered from severe headaches by days 6 or 7 and they would last for 2 to 3 days. He would slowly start to feel better after that and then it would be time to start it all over again :eek: In a lot of ways he was lucky. He never got the mouth sores that so many get. He also avoided problems with the hand and foot sores that forces sufferers to put their chemo on hold. Also for the most part he kept his head of hair. It got noticably thinner, but as he had such a thick head of hair to begin with, he still has more hair on his head than most men his age :D He did have the oxaliplatin dropped from the lastr2 chemo cycles as the burning ,tingleling feelings in his hand and feet were getting worse and we didn't want to risk permanent nerve damage.
Now that chemo has ended he is getting frustrated that things are not getting better yet. He went to his primary care docter who orderd a battery of blood tests today. Larry continues to have painfull swelling in his feet. He also is still on coumadin to thin his blood for prevention of blood clots. He is hampered in his efforts to walk for exercise by the pain in his feet. Because of his ostomy, he is unwilling to go swimming with me at our fitness center. He has trouble keeping a pouching system on for more than a couple days as he has developed a large hernia around his stoma and is terrified of having it leak in the pool. oh my I have gone off on a rant!!! Cancer sucks and we feel that it will have consumed over a year of our lives before we will return to anything close to normal for us :confused: Hang in there Christy. You are stronger than you think and you can do it :wave: Kathy

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