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[QUOTE=gocatsgo]I too had internal pain - very bad during radiaiton/5FU. (I have rectal cancer t2, and also have Crohn's). I took percocet and that helped the internal pain a bit. I also had some prescription foams and creams, aquaphor, sitz baths, etc. He WILL feel better is hard to imagine now, but it does heal. In the meantime, try to ask for a perc prescription...(take w/food!)

Good luck ....hope things go he due for surgery soon? I am assuming this is pre-op treatment.

OH, with the crohn's he may need a steroid to help the inflammation. I would check with your colorectal specialist...he may need to take a break from treatment to let things settle down.

Take care,

Thanks for your information, it is good to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, they have put him on a medrol dosepak in addition to his daily dose of prednisone 10mg daily, they held his 5fu for one week, and he is better this week, but goes back on it next week, he has 7 more treatments to do, then will wait 3 weeks to have a colostomy done. he is actually looking forward to getting to that point. he has had 2 colon resections in the past for his chrons, so we are concerned about what will be yet to come. how long ago did you go thru this? thanks :confused:

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