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44 and Scared
Jun 27, 2006
I will try to keep it short I am 44 and never had Constipation, all of sudden I got constipated and went to the emergency room, where they gave me Glycolax to take for 5 days. It was working then when the 5 dayswere up, I started getting constipated again no matter what I eat or how much fiber con or stool softeners I take the stool is very dry. I have an anal fissure and internal hemoroids and was wondering if the fissure could have something to do with the constipation? The stools when they come out are flat, I heard on this board that flat stools could be from hemoroids. I have a colonoscopy set-up for the 5th of june.I just dont understand how after 44 years never skipped a day without going now the only way i can go is with the glycolax witch is a laxative

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