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Hi Everyone my name is Amy and i am 15 for the past week or so i have been having bowel problems. There has been blood in my stool and its green and my stool is very very loose. Many people have told me u can't get Colon cancer when your this young but the only symptom i don't have is loosing weight. For example i went out to eat with my family last week and i ate a lot and it never came out. And when i do use the bathroom its a struggle but theres not blood everytime just every other time..... if Anyone has info help me plz!!:confused:
I Will, but should i not be worried about this?? maybe it will go away... Do u think its possible to have Colon Cancer at 15?? i mean i have ALL the symptoms but weight loss...
I haven't ate anything different than any other time.... i mostly eat grilled chicken sandwiches and they wouldn't cause this and i don't have constipation becuse im never bothered to use the bathroom now its just stopping all together when ur constipated ur stomach hurts and u want to go but my never hurts like that but after i finally go it hurts for away but i barely go its like drops now...... Why is there a very very small chance this couldn't be Colon Cancer??? other than my age
Have you talked to your mom yet? Please take the time to do so. I would be so upset if my sons did not share this with me, because I want to help them stay as healthy as possible...I'm sure your mom does too.

MOST likely it is something that you do not need to worry about...BUT you MUST get this checked out by a gastroenterologist to make sure. Even if it is IBS or some other non cancerous condition, there are medications that can help you. IF it is something more to worry about then you must catch it now to avoid further problems down the road. It IS very rare for someone your age to have colon cancer, BUT it DOES happen, so you must take the steps to check this out. Take this seriously and be sure that your folks do too. Do not be embarrassed or scared... I had IBS and Crohn's colitis and if left untreated it can put you at very high risk for colon cancer later in life. So you should do what you can to take care of it now. It is very hard, I know from experience...but please ask to have a colonoscopy...actually don't ask - INSIST!

Keep us posted...we will worry about you!! :)

Take care,

I was so upset to return from a long weekend away and read your post. I am so sorry that you have to go through this at such a young age. What are your doctors saying now as far as a plan for your treatment? How are you holding up? I am sure you and your family are scared and worried. Please let them know they can come to us for help and support as well. It will be a tough ride for you all...but your age is on your side! You are young and smart and you will beat this and be stronger for it.

Please keep us updated on your progress, both physically and emotionally. The mother/teacher in me just wants to reach out and give you and your family a big hug.

Here is one story to give you hope today. My friend's cousin was also diagnosed w/colon cancer as a young teen. She is now a junior in high school and is doing GREAT! She was able to continue w/school and is doing so well.

All my best to you. Please keep us posted...we tend to worry about each other!

Take care and try to keep your chin up. You have already proven you are a young woman with great will do well!

Did you talk to your mom if so what did she say? The only way they can check if you have colon cancer is by doing a colonoscopy. Good Luck
At your age colon cancer is very rare. Also -- blood in the stool could be the result of a number of other things. I would simply book an appt. with your family doctor and get it checked out.. it's really no big deal and this way you have nothing to worry about. Don't worry, they're used to dealing with things like this every day.
[QUOTE=girlveryscared]Thank u guys for all of ur support... But i was diagnosed with colon cancer Friday.... my doctor couldn't believe it and neither could anyone else... My 16th birthday is Tuesday.... i am so scared u guys... Now it doesn't matter how old u r.. if u think theres something wrong with ur body plz go see if ur alright... i almost didn't and look at me[/QUOTE]

Girl has already posted that she was diagnosed with colon cancer. I am personally sorry that we haven't heard from her again, but she was advised from MANY of us to see a GI to get a diagnosis, and tell her mother for support. Getting a diagnosis of colorectal cancer was shocking for all of us; I can only imagine how traumatic a diagnosis of colorectal cancer is for a 16 year old. I don't know WHY we should be questioning WHY or WHETHER she has cancer; she hasn't given any reason for us to question her. I don't know WHY people are questioning her diagnosis. :confused:

I can't imagine that anyone would say that they have cancer when they don't. I wish she would return so that we might be able to provide her whatever support she may need. I wish her the best of luck. :angel:


I hope that you are doing well...if you are reading this know that there are many of us rooting for you and we are here if you have any questions.

One of MY inspirations when I was in treatment was my friend's cousin who had colon cancer as a teenager. She survived colon cancer AND a brain tumor and is living her life now!! You can do it!

Take care of yourself.

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