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Everyone is different. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer at 84. They did his surgery first, then X-Ray/chemo therapies. When they went in for the operation they discovered that he had gall bladder cancer too! a different strain of cancer in a different area. This was bad, as GB cancer has a much worse prognosis.

On the other hand, GB cancer usually has no symptoms until it is too late (repeated ultrasounds and MRI never showed anything in his GB even during the colon cancer screening period) and is almost always detected only in autopsy. In other words, GB is a bad one.

So...if he had not gotten the colon cancer and the resulting operation, he would probably have died very soon from untreated GB cancer.

His cancer went away, but came back in the GB area two years later. They gave him four months to live. It pretty much stayed put from that point, and did not grow but did not go away either. The colon cancer never did return, just the GB.

He died at 88, not so much from the cancer but because he went into shock due to an infection after an operation to clear an adhesion (scarring) that had occurred in the area of the colon cancer operation. These adhesions are quite common and often the real problem after colon cancer since the cancer itself is eminently treatable.

One of my father's best friends contracted colon cancer at age 90 around the same time as my father. (No other form.) They operated and he is still spry and cancer free at 95.

There is lots of hope and 72 is young! Even with my father with a recurrence of a very bad cancer he still stayed alive about nine times longer than they said he would. I mean, you know everyone dies but not everyone lives. He had a great life. He was in excellent health up until about the last five months, and even then he was still up and around each day.

Hang in there and take each day at a time. Enjoy all the time you have with him, because none of us lives forever. But, with all the great treatments they have nowadays I am sure he will beat this, especially due to his young age.

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