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Hello Nodi my HB Friend, I am so sorry to see you here on this board - that you have a friend who has cancer. I actually started here at HeathBoards right here after my Dad died of colon cancer and only later branched out to other boards where we met.

You asked in your post for ways to encourage her - I don't know if this is what you had in mind but it might help your friend if she IS aware of the statistics involved.
My brother in law was diagosed with Stage IV terminal rectal cancer and given 2 - 4 months to live. That was in March of 2005.....
He has never yet had surgery, just non-stop clinical trial/chemo - and a liver ablation.
His CEA went from 1600 to about 37. The primary tumor (rectal) no longer appears on the scans. He looks healthier than when he was diagnosed. They are discussing their trip to annual trip to Florida and hope to be able to go "one more year".

"There can be more time" is what I am hoping will help her if that is her goal.
So many times people with cancer don't realize what a good fight can do if that is what they want!!
Take care my friend,

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