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Tommy -- I am having very similar problems but not exactly the same. -- I'm 47 -- and I had a colonoscopy 6 years ago -- I do have a family history of colon cancer -- my dad died of it - age 65.

I had the 'thin' stool too. But then a few days later I had my normal (giant) size stool -- so, if the thin stool was from a blockage, where did the blockage 'go' when I had the 'normal' stool?

Anyhow, I am in pain again from the constip. Been going on for about 2 weeks. -- Stopped for a while for a few days there in the middle.

I went to the hospital (in europe, where I was vacationing) they did an x-ray + gave me an Rx for a laxitive... which kinda worked.

I am going to the doc at 2:30pm today -- got my fingers crossed it's not what I FEAR it is.

Yes, I am going crazy with fear too.

Good luck to you.... and me.

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