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Hi all. i'm a male 26 years old,, hispanic. I have been having pain and blood in my stool since i was 20.. but i would for example go to the bathroom, wipe, and see some red in the toilet paper. then, for along time i wouldn't see anything, as if normal, then other days sudden colon pains, then othere days the whole toilete water turned red and i got the way the blood is bright red, not dark.

I want to go to the gastrointestinal doctor but currently i'm suffering from Knee pain , so i'm going to a orthopedic, who also told me i need to get Physical therapy for my knees...and i've got a bunch of other stuff so you can imagine...i'm going financially broke. But I guess it's also about timet to go to the gastro doctor,,, .. From what i've explained, do you think i have colon cancer? Too late to do anything?

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