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Hi. I know there's plenty of threads about bleeding, but mine is a bit different (I think...)

I started having bad pain while taking a BM back around Christmas '05. It was terribly painful, and I figured it was a bad hemmorhoid. Turned out to be an anal fissure. I went to an excellent colo-rectal surgeon who performed a sphincterotomy, but he said it was such a deep fissure it bled too much and he couldn't stitch up the incision he made. He said this meant it would take much longer to heal because it would have to heal on its own. I had to take sitz baths for a couple months, and have been using a cream and a suppository.

Its now almost 5 months post-op, and I'm not in the kind of pain I was in, but it's still sometimes uncomfortable, and I've been getting blood in my BMs and on the paper. No free dripping blood or anything like that, and it's not every time I go, just occasionally.

Anyway, I told the doctor about this during a follow-up visit today, and he's booked me for a colonoscopy. I had one 7 years ago and they found diverticulosis, but no polyps and no other problems. After examing me today, he said the fissure is nearly healed, but there's a variety of reasons for the blood. He said he's 99% sure its nothing terrible, but I'm freaking out after reading some of the posts on this board. I don't think I can wait until October (the earliest they can schedule me for the scope). I'm upset and spent an hour crying already. I think I am going to call him tomorrow and see if he can do it sooner.

By the way, my family has a history of colon problems, including Crohn's Disease and cancer. I'm 37, and aside from this, the only health issues I have are the occasional kidney stone and sleep apnea.

My condolences to all of you who are suffering through cancer, or have a loved one suffering from it.
Don't freak out...I had many, many problems for years. I would feel the need to have a bowel movement and all that would come would be blood and clots. I let this go for nearly four years because I was a chicken. I had my colonoscopy and they found several large polyps, two of them adenomas which are precancerous and I will now have a colonoscopy every three years for the rest of my life... and I will go. I waited years...I started with bowel problems in my 20's...major constipation, spasms, blood in the stool...and I wasn't even thinking cancer for a second because of my age and gender, but I am soooo glad I got annoyed enough to go. It takes time for a polyp to develop into doctor said mine would have taken at least five years, but had I waited for the standard screening at age 50...well, I wouldn't have made it to age 50. For the record, I am 36 and female...was 33 when I had colonoscopy scheduled for January. Now I will never have colon cancer and that is a beautiful thing. You are on top of this problem, so you are going to be just fine...annoying to wait, but you will be fine!!
Well, one good thing is I got them to move to colonoscopy up from mid- October to mid-September.
I know this could be a lot of things, and there's a good chance it's just some residual problems due to my fissure and surgery to try to fix it. But I tend to always see the worst way things could turn out, so I am really putting a lot of stress on myself. Good or bad, I'd rather get it over with and know.

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