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How did yall do your preps. The instructions I got is to take the phospus soda the day before and then before I go to bed that night take 4 Dulcolax pills. To me thats no enough time taking those pills at night. I was thinking taking the soda in the morning and about 6 pm take the 4 pills. How did yall to it
I had a colonoscopy in '99. I was admitted for kidney stones, but they felt more was going on to cause abdominal pain. The day before the procedure, I had to drink about a gallon jug of this nasty stuff called Golightly. It was disgusting, and I talked them out of making me finish a little of it.

I'm scheduled for another colonoscopy in September. My doctor gave me a prescription for a product called HalfLightly - which I'm hoping only tastes half as bad as the other stuff. Anyway, the directions say I have to take the 4 pills that come with it at 9am. After my first BM, I have to start drinking this stuff 8 ozs every ten minutes. It says it will make me go for about 2 hours after finishing all of it. And I have to stay on a clear liquid diet the whole day before.

Sounds like what I have to do is much different from what you're doing. But if you take the Dulcolax before bed, you might not be going until you get up in the morning, which seems odd if you are having the scope done early in the day.

Anyway, I'm sure there are others here who'll have more experience and can give you some really good advice. Best of luck to you!
MOST GI's aren't using Fleet Phospho soda anymore because of it's potential to cause kidney damage... many have switched over to the disgusting regimen of dulcolax in the morning and then go or halflighyly... there is NOTHING light about it! If you have time, I would say try to eat lightly for a couple days prior to the procedure... Then usually I would say "follow your GI's instructions." You could call the doc on call to get other instructions, or run a search for colonoscopy bowel prep. Some have directions using Dulcolax and Milk of Magnesia, and MANY other plans to clean your bowel. The worst thing is to go through all this and then be "not cleaned out enough" for them to complete the test.

Therefore, there REALLY is no reason why you can't start the regimen earlier, drinking PLENTY of water or Sports drink (no REDS) to replenish all the fluid and electrolytes you will lose. I hope that helps... and BTW I have taken Fleet Phosphosoda without any problem... It's nasty, but ALL the prep stuff I have come across are nasty!

Good Luck. Get plenty of reading material. And remember the key is to keep flushing until you are not passing any solids. Instead you want a clearish to slightly tinted brown solution and you will be fine. Keep us posted of your results. ;)

Sorry I'm just getting back to you now... but it seems as though you got some others to post some GREAT advice for you. With regard to the Go and Half... It's my understanding they are both the same, with the exception of the flavors as posted, and the Half comes with the Dulcolax tabs too. Big deal!! All the preps are nasty...cold, filtered, draft, prepared like tea,etc.:D -- nasty stuff. But I Promise, YOU WILL GET IT DOWN. The 4 dulcolax really almost does the job anyway as someone said... it's kind of overkill. But, MUCH BETTER to be prepared than have to come back after doing it all over again because you were not cleared out enough the first time. And I whole heartedly agree, prep is the worst.

They drug you during the procedure, usually with Fentanyl (a narcotic) and Versed (midazolam, which is like a stronger fast acting valium with properties that make you forget the experience)...this is the USUAL regimen. Sometimes they knock you out by giving you a lot of this stuff, sometimes a drug called propofol. Either way, you should feel NO PAIN... If you are awake and do then ask for more.

Good Luck,

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