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went to the doctor 2day, he gave me fybogel....i am still worried about it though. As i say i have had no bleeding from the anal passage, there has been mucus but that is normal. My bms have always been brown, never black. I havent lost any weight, but i am still worrying about it. Does any one think i should push my gp for a colonoscopy? :confused:
Hi Fiona,

You probably don't have anything to worry about, but for your own peace of mind, push for the colonoscopy. You know your body better than anybody and you know when it is doing something that isn't normal. We argued with doctors for nearly a year before we found one that would listen to my husband. Good luck and let us know what you find out.:) dee
Thanks Dee... i have another appointment with my gp on tuesday morning, hopefully is nothing to worry about. But i would rather somebody had a look and says if there is nothing to worry about, maybe i do just have ibs, but i would rather know. So i am just going to ask for a colonoscopy for peace of mind or i will end up a nervous wreck.:)

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