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I just posted elsewhere that I'm 49 and just had my second colonoscopy 2 weeks ago. I got screened six years ago because my grandmother died of colon cancer when she was 75. The bizarre thing was that I was at the doctors office with my hubby on a follow up to an endoscopy he had (ulcers). Anyway, somehow we ended up discussing my grandmother and he told me to get in there. The other thing he said was how frustrated he was with insurance companies. Even with the best plans, many do not cover preventative medicine or measures so basically, according to my doctor, he would have to tell a 50 year old man to come back when he has been diagnosed with colon cancer before his insurance will cover him. He said that nobody should die of this disease if only people would get past the whole idea of it and come in and get screened. From what he said many doctors are protesting the way this is handled by insurance carries because it's much cheaper in the long run to cover preventative measures than to pay for cancer surgery and treatments.

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