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I'm going the GI in two weeks
41 male no family hist of any cancer, overweight had "superstar" physical 2 years ago. Do have a sister and my mother with longterm IBS symptoms. Very poor diet(cheese, coffee, wine/beer) over the last 1-2 years but was very athletic with good vegetarian diet for years before then.

- last year: very itchy perenium(sp) would scratch and scratch some blood and occasional moistness from mucous leakage. Leakage would sometimes be pink tinged after excercise.
- last 6 months - very stressful at work frequent bathroom visits first to scratch inflamed area turning into BM visits. BM would be loose and yellow. No blood in stool. Very occasional blood seemingly from scratching
- last 3 months - BM frequency to 6-10 times a day always stringy or ribbon like often yellowish. Appetite has decreased. Wake everynight at 3 AM on the dot.
- last month - very worried about symptoms causing more stress, found these boards and made a PCP appointment he checked said probably hemmeroids but made a GI appointment. Stress at an all time high losing weight, can't sleep, live in the bathroom. One instance of blood. had 2 massive lliquid and increadibly smelly diarhea instances in 3 days but since then have seen BM go to 3 - 5 a day. Did start to excercise and watch diet.
- last week - started fiber and it has decreased diarhea I have had some large stools for the first time in months, one so large I felt a pain at rectum and wiped and found a few drops of blood. It felt like a tear as I have had these before.
Still very stress with little appetite and have lost 6% of body weight in last month or so but could be due to better eating and increase in excercise.

Until the increase in stool volume and decrease in diarhea due to fiber increase I was convinced I had CC and was just waiting for my GI appointment to have it confirmed. Now I thnik it could be IBS + hemmeroids.

Please respond. I am worried sick.

"I have had 3 instances of passing stools 1/4 inch wide by 2-3 inches long that were hard like rubber and twisted like a piece of pasta".

Yes, regarding this statement, I had resectioning done in April and am on Folfox now. While I'm hooked up to the pump, I have some strange bowel movements. Just today I had the rubbery, stringy pieces, very much like you discribed above. So that is not a sign of cancer because my tumor is gone. I think I've just got "weird working guts", excuse my terminology. I can have a bit of diarrhea, then a few hours later have hard bowel movement, later soft. I don't know what to think..... and it is normal for me to go several times a day. If you should ever have a spasm feeling in your rectum, that could be from a fissure. This could cause the small width of your stool too.

Try not to drive yourself crazy guessing what is wrong. I know that's easier said than done because I'm a worrier too. It is natural to be scared and concerned. Try to hang in there until you get the results. You will be in my prayers. :angel:

Take care,

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