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I am sorry you are having so much pain, My mother had a bad bout with Divertculitis, and it landed her in the hospital. She said it was the worst pain she ever had (surpass the pain associatiated with child birth).

Since you've had a colonoscopy done in 2002, and nothing was found, I believe it's safe to assume you don't have cancer now.

Have they advised any type of diet for you? Certain foods to avoid and certain foods safe to eat?

My mother had to be put in the hospital, went several days with out food while they loaded her up with antibotics. That was how they treated her, then sent her home with a new diet. this was about 15 yrs ago.

You may want to consider getting a second opinion, if your current doctor is unable to get this under control. May want to get a 2nd opinion either way simply because another doctor may have options available.

Please post back and let us know how you're feeling. Hope you are able to get relief soon. I know thru my mother this can be VERY PAINFUL!!!

Good luck,


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