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Thin Stool
Sep 14, 2006
Hello all.

I'm a 38 male, a little overweight but healthy. For the past week or so my stool has been thin, flat or narrow, though normal in size, (which for me has always been on the big side). No change in frequency pattern and no other symptoms to speak of.

I feel perfectly normal, but the stool business has been bothering me so I went and saw my doc today and got an exam. He also checked out my sphincter and said everything looks good and at my age and good health he doubts it's colon cancer and could even be something I ate. None the less he is scheduling a colonoscopy "just to make sure". So, of course I'm a little on edge now and to make matters worse I probably can't have it done for at least a couple of weeks as they are very busy.

I'd like your input as I've read conflicting things..

A thin stool, if cancer related, would mean it was caused by a tumor and it's likely the cancer
is at an advanced stage.

Though I've also read that there would likely be more symptoms, such as pain, nausea, bleeding, fatigue, weight loss etc., if in the advanced stages.

I read where people with the same symptoms as me (flat stool) where told the cancer was detected early and had a complete recovery via surgery. In fact one women was told her tumor was very large and aggressive, still she was told it was caught early and she went on to have a complete recovery.

I've also come across many accounts of people who claim to have had flat stools for several weeks to several months but in time their stools went back to normal on their own. Now, if a tumor is causing their flat stools I don't see how their stools can go back to normal again, that would mean the tumor magically shrunk.

Should I have waited a little longer? One medical website I visited listed "flat stool" as a symptom of colon cancer, but only if it's prolonged. How long is prolonged? a weak, two weeks, five weeks?

All in all I would say my last five or six stools have been thin. I don't normally have a bowel movement everyday. To top it off, I no longer have insurance as I just went into business for myself and it wasn't tops on my list. I'm not about to put money over my health, I'm just wondering before I dip into my not-so-big savings to pay the thousand plus dollars for the colonoscopy should I give it another week or so and see if my stools go back to normal?


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